What is Perspective?

Is perspective your view of something? Is it an idea of what you think is going to happen?

I think that “perspective” means different things to different people. For me, perspective is all about how you see a situation. The old adage of a glass half-full or glass half-empty seems to be the classic example. Having the right perspective in life and being able to think, speak, and act positively is important. Ultimately, the thoughts that go on in your head become the things you experience. Speaking and acting with positivity will take you much farther than pessimism can. Sometimes things don’t go your way. You have a bad day at your job, your relationship hits a rough patch, or you drop your textbooks down the stairs. Whatever the scenario may be, you’re looking at it through your perspective. You have a choice. You can choose to mope and complain, or you can choose to get right back up. Getting back up in the face of defeat is often the hardest thing you can do. But it is also a grand opportunity- an opportunity to build grit and resilience. Choosing to always see the good and the positive in a situation that seems negative will carry you a long way. I believe that God has a divine plan and purpose for each and every individual. Life is filled with trials and tribulations; at the end of the day it’s all how you react and choose to view these situations. When struck with adversity, be sure to speak in a positive manner. The tongue is a powerful tool. Positive perspective will always trump negative perspective. So, whatever it is you’re facing, have faith that it won’t last forever. Those rainy days bring the brightest of sunshine.

Daily Discipline and Mindset

The Most Important Aspect of Your Training: Mindset

My focus has been on building my business and competing in powerlifting and most recently my first bodybuilding show. I keep this momentum going in my life with goals that pertain to the gym and outside of the gym. I know I  must continue to stay persistent and in pursuit of my goals. Every little aspect of my life is all about momentum and building off of the previous situation.

Everyone has something, intrinsic or extrinsic, positive or negative, that motivate them every day. For me, these things include my training, my faith, and my passion for making a difference in people’s lives.
My day starts when the alarm goes off at 4:00 A.M. This is followed by a period of prayer and reading, which help me develop myself as a person and strategize to tackle, my day, week, etc. Once I’m done, I head to the gym to engage in one of my passions: powerlifting. My personal goals in powerlifting are to squat 600 lb., bench 350 lb. (comp paused), and pull a700 lb. deadlift. These goals keep me on track with my diet and discipline; they give my effort and sacrifice a tangible, measurable meaning. After training, I have clients to train until about 12 P.M. Once my morning training has been done, I head home to program workouts, call clients, and send emails. I’m back in the gym training more clients by 3:00. At 6:00, I head home, tie up any loose ends, and finish my day. My mindset is to be the best man I can be, physically, mentally, and spiritually. In addition to being a trainer and powerlifter, I am also a college student. Juggling all these things isn’t always easy; in fact, it can seem hopelessly exhausting at times. But I have a very clear goal for my life. I want to have the greatest positive impact I can on the fitness community and the people within. This goal centers me, gives me direction, and gives purpose to my struggle. Anything that is a distraction to that goal falls away. I know what I expect out of myself and of others. But I wasn’t born with this mindset; it was cultivated. It took a few wake-up calls when I was younger to understand that life requires purpose and drive. As a child, I was lazy, and at times, misbehaved. But once I realized that you can only achieve extraordinary things though extraordinary effort, I buckled down and never looked back.
I believe that if you put forth maximal effort in your faith, diligence and determination, all goals will be achieved. I firmly believe that God has a plan and purpose for every individual. I don’t aspire to simply be a coach or trainer. I want lead people by example and push them to be the best version of themselves. If I can do this, so can you. I know from personal experience that it can be to commit to this. There is a comfortable anonymity it mediocrity. It’s easy to go with the crowd and conform to their ways. But taking this step takes heart, commitment, and discipline. So, I challenge YOU. Set goals and work tirelessly to achieve them. It doesn’t matter who has hurt you or who told you couldn’t do it. YOU are in charge of your fate. You. Remember, you’re always one step away.

The Benefits of Exercise for Children and Youth

The Benefits of Exercise for Children and Youthouth


In all ages , fitness and promoting a healthy lifestyle is imperative for an individual to have the best quality of living . Many studies and researchers have come to conclusions about young and older adults . These conclusions are that they must start exercising at a young age . Studies have been proven that incorporating some type of fitness training early on in
Life can help with maturity as well as growth . And adding in regular exercise can be beneficial in fighting off obesity as well as diabetes at a very young age . We have many guidelines and regulations for youth fitness testing . These are a staple in our schools physical education programs. Exercise can be great and make major contributions to children . Incorporating physic activity at a young age can also play a role in developing proper motor development as well .

Benefits include

Improved muscular and cardio respiratory fitness (boys and girls )
Healthy bones
Lower risk of diabetes
Lower risk of heart disease
(Increased )Insulin sensitivity
Better overall body composition

Psychological benefits

Reduced depression
Reduced anxiety

The three main areas that are focused on in youth testing are cardio respiratory, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and lastly body composition.

Cardio respiratory tests

Pacer , bike , 1 mile

Muscular endurance

Pushups , curl ups , pull ups

Flexibility testing

Sit and reach , shoulder stretch

Body composition

Skin fold , DEXA , BIA , BMI

Physical fitness guidelines

3 days a week of 60 min per day of aerobic exercise

Bone and muscular strengthening
Resistance training , jumping , etc
3 days per week

Participation and encouragement is the main important factor here . Make sure kids are outside playing and moving . They need this for physical and psychological development . Playing a variety of sports and not focusing on one is the best way to go . Many young athletes will develop skills in other sports that will translate into other areas . Lastly and most importantly …make it fun for children . You might want your kid to be a great athlete and star , but at the end of the day youth training is about enjoyment and teaching them
Something . Teach them how to work for their goals and aspirations , but let them enjoy what they’re doing . Remember Passion over pressure .

The Importance of General Physical Preparedness in Athletes

Athletes tend to get wrapped up in a type of training known as sport-specific training. This type of training is mainly focused on the sport in which an athlete competes, and the skill work involved in it. When training isn’t the related to the sport it is general physical preparedness (GPP). General physical preparedness (GPP) is the level of fitness an athlete has on the broadest scale. GPP is also known as a level of fitness that correlates with absolute strength. What many athletes fail to recognize is that general strength or overall strength training can improve your specific training. By training GPP, any weaknesses you may have in your sport specific training can be addressed and mitigated. Incorporating the method of training over time can improve an individual’s overall work capacity and functional movement and make them a well-rounded athlete.

Training GPP
There are many methods to train GPP; the most common method is calisthenics. Doing bodyweight exercises such as planks, pushups, pull-ups and bodyweight squats are all great ways to improve an athlete’s overall fitness. Another common method is programming high rep exercises with light to moderate weight. Examples include dumbbell rows, dumbbell floor presses, kettlebell swings, snatches, etc. Sleds are also incredible tools that can be incorporated into training. With a sled drag or a prowler sled, you can be sure to target those lagging muscle groups, particularly the posterior chain. Doing forward and backward drags with the sled targets all the major muscles in the legs. Some more great movements to include are hip hinge patterns, closed chain pushes/pulls, anti-rotational movements and any type of farmers carry. These can be implemented in circuits, for time, or even for max distance. Programs can me modified and individualized for a particular athlete or a particular sport.

Utilization of GPP Training Methods

General physical preparedness training can be used to build strength, create blood flow, or as restorative work for the tissues. It can also be useful for any athlete coming off an injury, deload, or other period of reduced activity; it’s a good way to reintroduce the body into more volume and heavier weight. Most importantly, this training modality can really help to identify and correct imbalances. While these imbalances may be slight, they can make a significant impact on an athlete’s performance. Having a solid foundation in anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics is important with respect to this aspect. Lastly, don’t be afraid to step out of the box. Do your research and always assess, never guess.

Overcoming Athletic Adversity Through Faith and Dilligence

Anyone who is competitive in a sport, event etc., knows what it’s like to train hard for a competition and come up short. For many people, they sacrifice so much from their daily lives towards this goal. The sacrifices can be socially and physically exhausting . But what happens when you put all of that work in and the day comes, and then you don’t show up ?

Well let me tell you a thing or two. In my short time in raw powerlifting, I have faced this barrier. I signed up for a meet in December of 2017 for a meet in February of 2018. I had been training and training since October of 2017 preparing for this meet . When it came time for it to be meet day , it was all but a disaster . On February 24th 2018, the day of my meet, I was ready to go. But what I did not know was that it was going to be a day that I’d soon like to forget . After warming up , I felt okay , but not great . I had a solid nights sleep and plenty of carbohydrates in me . I thought I’d shake it and be ready once they called my name for squats . My squats were only the beginning of this not so ideal day ahead . They misloaded the bar and I about fell over . After that error was fixed , they loaded it correctly . I took my opener, which was 485 and it had been a drop in the bucket during prep. I looked up and all of lights were off (2/3 lights to get the lift ). The judges shook their heads and they said I was way too high . I shook it off and thought it was just nerves . So I decided to stick with the same weight my next attempt .

A few moments later, it was my turn to squat again and I walked up to the platform . I set myself up better and tried to focus in on the weight . As I unracked the weight, it was just very heavy . I went down and came up; I knew instantly that it was too high . They were in my head at this point . I looked up and there were zero lights. I was so frustrated and flustered as I walked to the attempts table. As I walked over, my dad came in and it was his birthday . He had come to watch me compete . He said “ what’s going on?” I replied “I’m one lift away from bombing out..” he replied “What?!” . I explained to to him what had happened . I could instantly tell that he was very sad and he could see the same in me . So I got myself together and did my best to get my mind right . On my last attempt of squats I stayed with 485. I looked out and Louie Simmons who had mentored me at Westside Barbell during my time working there yelled “COME ON GREYSON LETS GO!!” . The next thing I heard was the announcer say, “Let’s go guys, he needs this to stay in the meet!! Lets cheer him on!” My nerves were even higher and I was determined I was going to drop this squat lower than I’ve ever gone before . As I went down I just felt fatigued and I tried to get up …it just wasn’t there. I missed the lift and the spotters took the bar as I came up . I had bombed out of the meet . I was in disgust and pure disbelief. I honestly was embarrassed and disgraced . I did this in front of guys I’ve trained with and people who have mentored me . They let me finish the meet and switch to push /pull. The rest was like the latter .
I went home and celebrated my dad’s birthday, but I was so disgusted and frustrated with myself . I prayed a lot and asked God for guidance . I know that powerlifting is such a small aspect of my life . But it still means a lot to me . So the next week I became frustrated and very persistent in my training . My training partner Michael and I had been on an off with workouts . We finally got on the same schedule and we were cruising . We decided to sign up for a meet in Columbus on April 7th, 2018, this past weekend, to be exact . We had prepared and trained extremely hard up for this meet . Michael is an ex division one athlete with strength that many dream about . He is a passionate guy who loves his family . He brings that fire and drive every single day . We were ready and focused . The last meet was behind us . We took our openers on squat and deadlifts then bench press as well. I actually missed my opener on deadlifts, but I wasn’t shaken by it, because it’s the one lift I know is always there for me personally .

Flash back to last weekend . Michael and I weigh in at the gym . We both were ready to go and I could tell Mike was very anxious. He had his two kids and wife with him along with some bags under his eyes . But he said he was ready to roll the next morning . We showed up at the meet and did our thing . Squats came around and he smoked his opener and I smoked mine . That put a huge belt of confidence around me . I finished 2/3 on squats and just missed 540. It was already a huge turn around . My mindset was determined this time . It was on to bench where I under performed and went 1/3. I made a few mistakes with positioning and my butt popped up a few times . I shook it off and we were ready for deadlifts . I walked out ready to open and I absolutely crushed my triple body weight opener of 600 for my opener . It felt fast and I could tell that deadlifts were on. There was a total I was after that would give me an elite (pro status ), as well as an invitation to compete in the 2019’ Arnold classic . I went straight for this 645 attempt . It felt strong and easy as I pulled it up . But I received zero lights and they called me for hitching . I was very frustrated , but I knew that this was the adversity that I needed to face . Mike just missed 600 twice at the knees. I was bummed out for him , but being the great person he is , he cheered me on and wanted me to pull this weight . I walked up on my 3rd attempt and said a little prayer . Somehow ..someway, that bar flew up and the judges gave me all three white lights, which gave me the total I needed to qualify for elite and the Arnold Classic . I was full of so many emotions and feelings. This was huge for me considering I had bombed out of that meet just 5 weeks ago . Truthfully, I was mentally exhausted. I wasn’t sure what was gonna happen . But I knew I had to compete right away . I received best lifter and 1st place in my class, as well. It was a great day for Mike, too; he received 2nd place with a huge total. Even more impressive was the fact that he had left over 100lbs on the board.

My point is that no matter your circumstances, you’ve gotta keep showing up and believing in yourself . Whether it’s in a competition or daily life , keep doing the things you need to do to get you where you wanna go . It will pay off and it’s always a process . For me, it’s always just trusting that God has a plan and His plan is perfect in His timing . So if you’re lacking motivation or you’re on the fence about getting back into the gym or reaching out to the job of your dreams, then just do it . You’ve got it inside of you . You’re called for so much more in your life . You have meaning and purpose . This story is so small and may not mean much to some , but it means a lot to me . You will
always learn and you will always learn about yourself . You will learn that you are resilient and you can bounce back from adversity . Adversity is the brother to success . So go get what your worth and stop complaining that you’ve got it bad . It all within the mindset and what you speak . Life and death is held within the tongue . Speak life and positivity over the situations and people in your life . I guarantee you will see a difference .