The Benefits of Exercise for Children and Youthouth


In all ages , fitness and promoting a healthy lifestyle is imperative for an individual to have the best quality of living . Many studies and researchers have come to conclusions about young and older adults . These conclusions are that they must start exercising at a young age . Studies have been proven that incorporating some type of fitness training early on in
Life can help with maturity as well as growth . And adding in regular exercise can be beneficial in fighting off obesity as well as diabetes at a very young age . We have many guidelines and regulations for youth fitness testing . These are a staple in our schools physical education programs. Exercise can be great and make major contributions to children . Incorporating physic activity at a young age can also play a role in developing proper motor development as well .

Benefits include

Improved muscular and cardio respiratory fitness (boys and girls )
Healthy bones
Lower risk of diabetes
Lower risk of heart disease
(Increased )Insulin sensitivity
Better overall body composition

Psychological benefits

Reduced depression
Reduced anxiety

The three main areas that are focused on in youth testing are cardio respiratory, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and lastly body composition.

Cardio respiratory tests

Pacer , bike , 1 mile

Muscular endurance

Pushups , curl ups , pull ups

Flexibility testing

Sit and reach , shoulder stretch

Body composition

Skin fold , DEXA , BIA , BMI

Physical fitness guidelines

3 days a week of 60 min per day of aerobic exercise

Bone and muscular strengthening
Resistance training , jumping , etc
3 days per week

Participation and encouragement is the main important factor here . Make sure kids are outside playing and moving . They need this for physical and psychological development . Playing a variety of sports and not focusing on one is the best way to go . Many young athletes will develop skills in other sports that will translate into other areas . Lastly and most importantly …make it fun for children . You might want your kid to be a great athlete and star , but at the end of the day youth training is about enjoyment and teaching them
Something . Teach them how to work for their goals and aspirations , but let them enjoy what they’re doing . Remember Passion over pressure .